Saturday, 9 July 2011

How to complain

A. Match the following pieces of advice to the topics on the clip presentation.

a. Whatever you do - don't lose your temper.
b. Reiterate the problem, what you want done about it and set a timescale for the complaint to be rectified.
c. Make sure you are taking your complaint to the person in charge
d. Be clear about what is wrong or how you feel you have been mistreated. 
Step 1: In person                 -------------
Step 2: State your case        -------------
Step 3: Keep calm              -------------
Step 4: In writing                 -------------

B. Watch the clip again and note down other pieces of advice related to the following topics:

Step 5: Keep records
Step 6: Second opinion
Step 7: Don't give up

It's time to write a complaint letter.                                         

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