Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Smartphone

"Presently, for me it would be unthinkable to live without Smartphone for the following reasons:
·         When using the Optimus TAG, a service provided by the operator, I can communicate for free with my family without time limit, mainly because in my profession I am more time away from them than together.
·         At a professional level, when I´m not at  the hotel, either in leisure or business,  they can easily reach me by telephone to communicate something important or some emergency that suddenly may occur in the installations or with the staff under my responsibility, being able to take steps and to act on the spot.
·         The Agenda or notebook that this telephone has, does not allow me to forget either domestic and personal meetings or business meetings and tasks, with visual and sonorous acknowledgment.
·         Once it happened to me to have a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere late at night, it was thanks to the mobile phone that I could call for assistance from the insurance, otherwise I might have had to stay there all night long.
·         While flying abroad, it was also very useful to have Internet access on the telephone as well as roaming, making possible to inform both my family at home and my company about delays and cancellations of flights."

      Carlos Rosa

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